2022 – A collection of my Latest posts (no images)

People, you know the drill: This is the place you can find my Latest posts (sans images I’m afraid) for the year 2022, after they have served their time and they need to retire. Enjoy!

01 2021

Sometimes we try to be “elaborate” with our images, thinking that complexity is a sure fire way to importance. While this may very well be the case, it is not a prerequisite for an image that stands out. Sometimes, it is going back to basics that lends images that elusive stamp of “WOW”. Let’s see why.

Usually I shoot most of my images under what I have named “Pop and Abstract”. It is a theme that plays with colors, forms, shapes and patterns to create a result that has multiple meanings, depending on the viewer. Couple this with captions that tell half the story, or lead the viewer along a path that is hard to follow and complexity is there alright. Whether that leads invariable (or at least possibly) to great, or even good, images is a different ball game and it is up to you to decide.

This past month I traveled quite a bit. I went up North and even more North and then turned West and even ventured down South a bit. It seems that only the East escaped my traveling sights in January, but hey, new month, new ventures; who knows! The weather was intense and the scenery was likewise interesting: large mountains, lakes, snow, sunshine in the middle of the winter, all that made for interesting backdrops so basically I shot landscapes and cityscapes this month – some may say that there are the most basic of themes.

When nature provides the raw material in abundance, you can’t help but take notice and I did! What you have in front of you are images from my hometown, Thessaloniki, and Florina, as well as mountains, namely Kaimaktsalan and Helmos. Oh, and some lakes for good measure (Prespes).

Easy shots if you keep your eyes open and, most importantly, if you manage not to sneer at the fact that you are shooting “basic”. I think it was Oscar Wilde who famously said that shooting sunsets is so provincial. Now I like Oscar Wilde as much as the next person, but I disagree with this statement and its connotations; shooting what nature (or the city around you) gives you is great if you choose to embrace it and see the interest and beauty and artistic angle. And, believe me, there is enough of it to warrant a few clicks.


02 2022

Sometimes you go far. Sometimes you just walk around the neighbourhood. The search for images may take you anywhere, but distance is not at the core of the issue; your mindset and your photographic eye are!

This month it just so happened that I didn’t go out of town and I just went about my ordinary business day in day out. Of course I had my camera with me and a keen eye for new looks on old things.

I pass by the places depicted in this month’s images several times per month. Differect times of day, different wether, different light. All these factors essentially create opportunities for different images, different takes on the same old stuff that surrounds us.

I have seen this church so many times, but never at dust, never lit within against a deep blue sky.

I have seen this school, but never in such an ominous state weather-wise with a child running for cover (or so it seems).

I have seen this water puddle, mostly as a nuisance as I am trying to go around it either on foot or by car, but never as a mini-lake reflecting whatever light is left in the day.

I have seen the rain hit the windshield of my car, but never as the point of focus (as this is usually the traffic in front!).

I have seen this fence as a cripple, but never as a manifestation of inididuality, bordering on eccentricity.

I have seen this store-front with its colorful graffitti, but never as neutral-colored path lines leading out of a mess.

Well, you get the picture, both literally and metaphorically!


03 2022

Only half of this month’s images are in landscape orientation (my usually preferred mode) while the rest are either portrait or square. Weird… If I had the time (and tools) I would like to examine what triggers this deviation from the norm. This month had quite a bit of traveling; could it be that when out and about, I tend to experiment a bit more, seeing things in a different manner? Oh well, I guess we won’t be finding out any time soon…

I went to Paris and to some awesome places in Peloponnisos this past month, but you wouldn’t really know it by looking at the images. True, there are some that are identifiable Paris landmarks, but the vast majority of images could be shot anywhere. I don’t do travel photography (never have really), but then, what is it that I do anyway?

I was thinking about it long after I shot these, trying to make sense of what makes me shoot what I shoot. I came to the conclusion that places and travels and people and time periods put me in a specific mindset that leads me to a specific kind of image set. Not the same mindset, mind you: “A” specific mindset, one that is created by the unique circumstances that happen to coexist at a certain point in time.

So, I have my main themes (things that usually capture my eye and imagination), then there is a place along with everything else (people, weather, mood) and this combination leads me to some new territory. I go with the flow. I choose to trust all this and work with it, instead of against it. I am not on a paying job that essentially forces me to produce certain images. I do this for me and it is a dynamic process, changing me along the way, maturing me as an artist. So I go with it and this month’s images reassure me that I am right in this. They reflect the whole set of circumstances that I faced and this means that I was true to myself when making them. I really do hope you enjoy them!


04 2022

April was homecoming month for me. I went back to my hometown of Thessaloniki for a few days to celebrate Easter with my family. I go back every few months for a couple of days but I rarely have time to go out and make images.

The whole environment is of curse very familiar to me, near and dear to my heart, but this time around I guess I was in a different kind of mood; one of wandering about the city and going out of my way to visit places that I had not visited in years, like the Old Town (or Upper Town as it is called due to its vantage point location). The result was quite a few images, nine of which I am sharing with you here.

Again, a statement that holds true for me every time is that one can make very different images of the same subject depending on their mood at the time of shooting. The mood this time was nostalgic, hence the driving around town to see old familiar places that I used to visit as a kid and teenager. To my eyes, this mood is pretty evident in the images before you, but you will of course be the ultimate judge of that. Have I conveyed the feeling?

Just for the sake of completeness, one of the images is from Rotonda, one of the oldest monuments in this city of 23 centuries, which is used as a Christian church just once a year, on Good Friday. A couple of the images are from Thermaikos, the sea that is one of the main defining points of Salonica’s history through the ages. The rest are from the old town up in the hills (the Castles as we call them) and the breathtaking view from up there. I love this place. I hope it shows.