2023 – A collection of my Latest posts (no images)

Hard to believe but this marks the end of the third full year this site has been up! Looking back at all the Latest texts brings back memories of each and every image as it was made (sort of!).

01 2023

January was mostly about the great outdoors. There is something about the open skies and large bodies of water that never fails to capture my eye. Sometimes it feels like there is too much to shoot in the great emptiness of sky and water, that you could only point your camera there and ever have time for anything else. Of course, this is never the case and even this past month, I did manage to shoot quite a few images “contained” in space.

It was awesome and inspiring at the same time to be out there. It was the time after Christmas vacation and the mood was festive yet quiet. And it matched the scenery perfectly, at least in my mind’s eye. So I never tried to capture it; it was effortless and natural.

Up in the mountains of the North, on one of Greece’s highest peak at 2524 meters, you feel like you are at the top of the world. All this vast expanse is there in front of you and you are trying to absorb it all in, but there is always more left out. I guess that is the difference between God and Man. Although being on top of the clouds and yet on solid ground feels a bit like immortality.

Kastoria is one of those Northern towns that are graced by the presence of a tranquil lake that reflects beauty like nothing else. It wasa blessing to be able to witness all this beauty at different times of the day and attempt to align time and beauty within a handful of images. Trees bowing to the water, buildings and land masses mirroring in the glass-lie surface and a glorious sun deciding what to grace and what to hide for later.

And those skies, criss-crossed by so many airplanes, were a sight to behold in their own right. Natural cloud formations and lines that seemed to go on forever, a reminder of the recent past only into the very near future, were all there for the sun to play with and for me to capture.

And then, back inside, trying to fit back into a more human like dimension, yet seeking to recognize patterns that point to a grander scheme of things.

Oh, January was good to me for sure! I hope you enjoy the images!