I was walking down the streets of downtown Athens a lot this past month, looking for images to complete a project I was working on (incidentally I did and it will go on show in a while here!), so the images you see here are a by-product of these strolls. They just happened while I was looking for something else, something very specific. Nevertheless, since images are there for us to discover and bring them to life, I couldn’t resist the temptation and shot them anyway.

Since they are spontaneous and not necessarily products of deep thinking (!), let me share with you what caught my eye and fancy on each one of them:

The eggs - well, obviously the neat pattern, the lines in contrast with the ovals inside.

The flames - the fluidity of the flame dance compared to the harxh lines behind.

The tree - the loneliness and resilience, the battle vs an invincible enemy.

The face - the emergence of light out of darkness, that raised eyebrow.

The legs - the shadow, what lies there in the dark.

The guard - the simplicity, the contrast of the silhouette against the light, the silence of it all.

The street corner - the buzzing atmoshere, the almost African vibe.

The bench - the division of land and water, the diagonal lines.

The boy - the mid-sentence look, the moment.

The field - the green and purple “carpet”, the old couple walking away from it, from everything?

The storefront - the kid, the X’s, the attention that is given elsewhere.

So there you have it, the stories behind the images, the momentary thoughts that pulled the trigger!