There are themes that over the years keep fascinating me when they pop up in front of me; one might think that my infatuation with this or the other theme would be exhausted after hundreds or thousands of images. However, this is not the case (mental note: I may have to look into that; professional help?)

This past month I had the pleasure of visiting an island and it soon became apparent that most of my images from that extended weekend would conform to either one of two themes: the peace and quiet of village life or minimal forms and patterns.

Usually, images with people convey messages about life more eloquently than those without. Intuitively, it stands to reason that if one wants to depict human life somewhere, humans should be somewhere in the image. Well, not necessarily I say. Villages in Greece are waning in population and the quiet one experiences as a visitor is mostly a result of not many people around. So, my take on village life is devoid of villagers, much like the villages themselves. Ah, now it makes more sense, right?

My friends make fun of me, because even when I travel, my images -at least most of them- could have been taken anywhere; that's because I do see -and consequently shoot- a lot of patterns and forms that intrigue me. Same thing happened that weekend on the island. Patterns are a horizontal theme to life's vertical experiences and that never fails to capture my gaze and mind.

Of course there are other images as well and the full spectrum can be seen at my facebook page with the same name, so please feel free to go and check out the full set there and let me know what you think!