April was homecoming month for me. I went back to my hometown of Thessaloniki for a few days to celebrate Easter with my family. I go back every few months for a couple of days but I rarely have time to go out and make images.

The whole environment is of curse very familiar to me, near and dear to my heart, but this time around I guess I was in a different kind of mood; one of wandering about the city and going out of my way to visit places that I had not visited in years, like the Old Town (or Upper Town as it is called due to its vantage point location). The result was quite a few images, nine of which I am sharing with you here.

Again, a statement that holds true for me every time is that one can make very different images of the same subject depending on their mood at the time of shooting. The mood this time was nostalgic, hence the driving around town to see old familiar places that I used to visit as a kid and teenager. To my eyes, this mood is pretty evident in the images before you, but you will of course be the ultimate judge of that. Have I conveyed the feeling?

Just for the sake of completeness, one of the images is from Rotonda, one of the oldest monuments in this city of 23 centuries, which is used as a Christian church just once a year, on Good Friday. A couple of the images are from Thermaikos, the sea that is one of the main defining points of Salonica’s history through the ages. The rest are from the old town up in the hills (the Castles as we call them) and the breathtaking view from up there. I love this place. I hope it shows.