Themes are a weird thing it seems... Whether they emerge before the shooting or after it, as one is looking at the images truying to make sense of what was captured, themes never seize to surprise me.

In the month of December, it seems that two themes emerged, without me noticing or having a specific desire to make images along these lines. One may say that this is not necessarily good and actually I am that “one” and I have said so in one of the blog posts within this very site - after all shotting with a purpose is what it’s all about, right?

Well, yes and possibly no! Sometimes, you have to go with the flow, with what is available, with whatever captures your fancy / imagination and see what comes out of it. It is akin to composition rules that you should really follow until you decide to break them and see what happens.

This time the emerging themes were the water and the dark, sometimes together. In a sense, it is to be expected that these two would make for interesting images. The darkness can be a foe in most circumstances, but, if used correctly, it can be a friend. Use it to place emaphasis on the contrast within the image, use it to hide things that detract from the story, use it for drama, just use it and see what you get of it. The water is a different beast altogether and the main photographic concern lies within its very liquid nature: it is an abstract “thing” and you need to decide if creatively it suits you better to freeze it or make it look like a dreamy substance flowing slowly in space and time. Put some light in. Use the darkness as mentioned above. Rinse, repeat!

No wonder then that most of December’s image fall under the Pop and Abstract category!

And before I let you view the images, I need to make a special mention of that model who decided to pose for me on “Red Rain”. When the going get tough, the tough get going as they say, so if you have set your mind to an image and you are short of props, models, tools, whatever... just improvise. I was short of someone to pose for this, so I set it up in such a way that I pose and shoot myself at the same time🙂

At the end of the day, it is about what you want to say with photography, or what you mean even if you didn’t intend to say it explicitly in the first place. Does this work for you?