I debated (with myself that is) quite a bit about what to do with this month’s crop of images. To begin with, this was a slow month on account of selling my camera and waiting for the new one to arrive. Therefore, there was just one session of shooting, but what a session that was! We went to the medieval castle of Methoni and walked around the grounds for hours, almost getting into the mood and atmosphere of the era. Initially I thought about turning this into a special project, but after a while I decided against it. The reason is that most of the images depict variations of the same two subjects: the castle in the water (Bourtzi) and the orthodox church. There are some images of other parts of the area, but the vast majority is these two, so I ditched the special project idea.

Instead I tried showing the obvious, once again: how many different ways there are to shoot something that captures your creative eye. Images of the Bourtzi share the core theme but what they convey in terms of emotion and even visual stimulus is different. The same goes for the church and the way light plays with the space.

I believe that the power of the medium is exactly this: present the same stimulus to a thousand people and chances are that you will end up with a thousand different perspectives or views or angles or, well, you get the idea! I tried to show this, but the question is: have I succeeded?