This past month was all about size. Small and large. Frankly, this was not my intention as I set out for my trips to the city of Kalamata and the island of Serifos; it just dawned on me days later as I was working on the images and tried to select which will make it to my website. Nevertheless, it did become apparent and who is to say that this very theme wasn’t there already when I was shooting, doing its magic in the subconscious?

Dichotomies like this one are a good tool, if not a (sometimes simplistic) way to view the world around us. Large and small, light and dark, good and evil, black and white… the list can go on and on, along the lines of the old joke: “there are two kinds of people in the world…”

Once, for one reason or another, the photographer is drawn to a certain dichotomy images keep popping up a lot easier in places that would otherwise hide them in plain sight. The photographer is not activey looking for them, but the mind-eye-hand combo is doing the work anyway.

For me, the vastness of the Aegean, the huge body of water with islands scattered all around, has always been fascinating. It may not be “big” in world terms, but -believe me- when you are standing at the top of a hill waiting for the sun to set in the water and all you see is this vast expanse of sky and water, all bahted in glorious light, it feels like this is the whole world.

And then, as you are moving into the the narrow streets of the old villages and everything is close to you and to everything else, you get a feeling for the beauty that had to fit in tight places.

People, parents and children especially, fall into this same dichotomy and my wife and son were no exception this month! Then, there are images where size is hidden or is seemingly confined, playing tricks to the eye!

Try to see these 17 images in terms of the big-small axis. They may make more sense this way! Either way, as always, I sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

PS. A bit of indulgence on my part in that I couldn’t select one of the Light of Life images, so I decided to include both in this month’s set. They look alike, but in my mind, they are very different too.