metaxourgeio: the color of resilience

November, Saturday morning around 9. Walking around Metaxourgeio, tiptoeing between the obvious decadence and the not so obviously resilient life. High contrast is not just a function of light around here. The first photographs were taken in a snap, trying to take in everything in one big breath. Then, with the help of my friend and teacher Antonio Manta, I slowed down and tried to really see and observe. And then as time slowed to match that of the place itself, patterns began to emerge and make themselves known. Metaxourgeio is like that uncle that every family has and is a bit ashamed of; they don't talk about him much, but you know he is also envied for the uncompromising life he leads and once in a while, he dazzles the naysayers with a dash of bright and colorful streak of brilliance. It is upon the others to choose what they see and focus on.