If you would like prints of images that you have seen here, you are both in luck and in the right place! Let me start by saying that I am honored to have my work grace your home or place of work and I will make sure that what you receive matches and even exceeds your expectations.

First of all, for as long as supplies last as the saying would go, you can purchase the actual prints that were on show in Tuscany and Athens earlier this year. These were printed in Italy and a few of them in Greece and they are originals that will not be printed or sold again. They are square and their size is 50 x 50 cm, without a frame and ready to be put on a wall. Please contact me to see what is on offer (14 prints in total) and discuss pricing.

I work with Photolab Athens, a very artistic, professional and highly capable print shop in Athens, Greece in order to ensure that an impressive array of options is available in terms of materials and techniques, all in the best possible quality and pricing.

Once we agree on the size of the print, I can propose options that will best suit the image itself and the place you have in mind to put it. Once everything is sorted out, I will ship it, safely packaged by courier to you. Pricing depends both on size, printing and framing. One last thing to remember is that I will only do limited runs of images all the way down to 1 exclusive copy and accompany your finished image with a certificate and numbering (x/y).

If you know that you would like to decorate your home, office, store, or other place with images, but you do not yet know where to start or what you want exactly, please feel free to contact me in order to set up a consulting session. After agreeing on your needs and budget, I can propose an image or set of images or agree that you would like me to create a series specifically for you and your project. Obviously, any images that will result will again be either limited runs or, in the case of tailor-made images, exclusive to you.

Finally, if you need more than photographic images for your space, I am collaborating with a friend and extremely talented artist, whose work you can see at Ifigenia Art, in order to provide a more holistic consulting and an offering than includes photography, paintings and mixed media.