Images are everywhere life is.

Actually they are even at places where there is no life, so no way to record them, but nevertheless they are still there. Excerpts of time and space, carved out with the use of the eye in place of a scalpel. One might say that images are two-dimension sculptures, waiting to be extracted from the space time continuum.
Stimuli are there for all to see and experience, but they speak a different language to every single one of us. My view is a dissecting one – reducing these stimuli to mere details, allegory story-telling and forms that emerge equally from the strangest or most mundane places.
Colors and shapes are the building blocks of these images and, put together, they are the buildings blocks of life itself. Beauty exists intrinsically in these colors and shapes, but it is left to us to see it for what it is.
Geometry and symmetry are common themes to these images and to the way I view the world around me. As fluid as nature is, either with or without human intervention, it is also a mosaic of patterns, shapes and forms that merge into each other, creating what we perceive as our every day surroundings.